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The push for new lockdown

New lockdown pressure grows

In this news roundup of the week, the UK government is fighting calls to bring back Covid restrictions as cases increase. Boris Johnson launched the long-awaited net zero strategy creating a heated debate about cost. And the EU’s constitutional bust-up with Poland threatens to bring the whole structure tumbling down.

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China has already won

China en route for global domination?

The former chief software officer of the US Defence Department declares that China has won the race for AI supremacy and is assured of future world domination. The world continues to grapple with the energy crisis confronting leaders with the choices they’d hoped to avoid. And Google announces a crackdown on YouTube content that denies the reality of climate change.

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Putin's cold war

Are we Putin's energy hostages?

The world energy crisis ramps up with Russia turning the screws on a Europe that is hopelessly dependent on it for gas. The Prime Minister gives a crisis what crisis speech to his party conference as the country faces multiple challenges. And President Biden continues to push vaccines even as Pfizer is embarrassed by the words of its own employees.

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I run a YouTube channel with 'dangerously reasonable' videos, giving an independent, fact-focused, non-ideological take on politics, science and the messy bit where they bump into each other

I look at the research and analysis without preconception, and talk frankly about what I find. You quickly find that some of the things you thought you knew for sure turn out not to have any solid basis - alongside the things that do, of course! Follow the channel to be challenged and entertained, probably occasionally infuriated!

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Bees going extinct?

Are bees going extinct?

According to reports, we’re facing the beepocalypse. Pollinators are dying out, and the result will be much of our food will disappear. If true, it’s seriously worrying. But is it true? Let’s have a look.

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Should we eat meat?

Should we eat meat?

One of the burning questions we’re asking ourselves right now concerns our diet. Should we eat meat? Let’s discuss.

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Societal collapse and climate change

Climate Change and Collapse! The Paper Scaring a Generation

It’s been described as “the climate change paper so depressing its sending people to therapy.” Its author describes it as “a research paper concluding that climate-induced collapse is now inevitable.” It’s become the intellectual underpinning for people like Extinction Rebellion when they tell children they may die young. It’s Jem Bendell’s paper on Deep Adaptation. Does it bear up to scrutiny? Let’s have a look.

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