Change is a learnable skillChange is a learnable skill

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I'm Mallen

I've spent my life helping change-makers - CEOs who want to make a difference, companies that want to disrupt markets, young people who want to succeed and change things up at the same time - and even just people who want to change themselves

Anyone can change the world
but to change the world for the better
that takes skill and commitment

Latest Posts from Mallen's Blog

Climate activists: Stop using children as props

Climate activists: Stop using children as props

More and more the environmental movement is using children - sometimes as young as 6 years old - to voice its messages and front its campaigns. Is this a powerful device, likely to win over sceptics and waverers? Or it is exploitative and counterproductive? We discuss.

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Video on the EAT Lancet report

Does science REALLY say we should give up meat for the planet?

Recently the EAT Lancet report suggested that there is an ideal diet for 10 billion people on the planet by 2050, and it's one with minuscule amounts of meat, and way more of everything else. With the challenges of climate change, how we sustainably feed ourselves is a huge question.

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Mallen speaking in Beirut

“Mallen is a leader in his field and undoubtedly, one of the top in his industry. The combination of his superior knowledge on CSR/sustainability and professional delivery style has left a great impression on all our Forum participants."

Deena Tannous, CSR Lebanon

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