Change is a learnable skillChange is a learnable skill

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I'm Mallen

I've spent my life helping change-makers - CEOs who want to make a difference, companies that want to disrupt markets, young people who want to succeed and change things up at the same time - and even just people who want to change themselves

Anyone can change the world
but to change the world for the better
that takes skill and commitment

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Women too stupid for science?

Women too stupid for science?

The University of Sydney is so keen to get women into engineering, it has lowered the bar for entry for girls. As of next year, they will get 10 additional entry points to encourage them to apply. Is it a great initiative to tackle chronic under-representation of women in tech fields? Or is it a colossal blunder that insults women and casts a shadow over those who made it on merit under the normal system? Let’s discuss.

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Will billions starve because of climate change?

Will billions starve because of climate change? | Roger Hallam

Last week, BBC’s Hard Talk programme featured Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam. During the interview he said that the science predicts mass starvation leading to the inevitable collapse of capitalism within the next ten years. He added that we would likely see the death of 6 billion people within fifty to seventy years. Was he right? We look at the science.

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Protect us from gender stereotypes

Protect us from gender stereotypes!

The UK’s new gender stereotyping ad ban delivers up its first transgressors – adverts for Philadelphia cheese and Volkswagen. We have a look at each, and ask what is the harm the Advertising Standards Agency is meant to be protecting us from, and is this effective action to change society for the better or nanny state government at its worst?

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Mallen speaking in Beirut

“Mallen is a leader in his field and undoubtedly, one of the top in his industry. The combination of his superior knowledge on CSR/sustainability and professional delivery style has left a great impression on all our Forum participants."

Deena Tannous, CSR Lebanon

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