Change is a learnable skillChange is a learnable skill

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I'm Mallen

I've spent my life helping change-makers - CEOs who want to make a difference, companies that want to disrupt markets, young people who want to succeed and change things up at the same time - and even just people who want to change themselves

Anyone can change the world
but to change the world for the better
that takes skill and commitment

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Extinction Rebellion - the bit almost nobody knows

Extinction Rebellion - The bit almost nobody knows

In the UK, we are now at the end of the big Easter period of action for Extinction Rebellion. It hit the headlines big time, got everybody talking. So was I right or wrong in my previous video, where I said that their approach was hurting, not helping?

More importantly, what was the rather surprising element I learned since that video that most of the general public don't know, and even a good portion of those that took part in the protests probably don't either?

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Why the Gender Pay Gap is Bad Data

Why the Gender Pay Gap is Bad Data

Socially responsible businesses want to provide equal opportunities for all their employees. And even those that don't much care about their social responsibilities have to obey the law, which rightly makes it illegal to pay men and women different rates for completely comparable and equivalent jobs.

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“Mallen is a leader in his field and undoubtedly, one of the top in his industry. The combination of his superior knowledge on CSR/sustainability and professional delivery style has left a great impression on all our Forum participants."

Deena Tannous, CSR Lebanon

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