Climate Change and Collapse! The Paper Scaring a Generation

19 November 2019

It’s been described as “the climate change paper so depressing its sending people to therapy.” Its author describes it as “a research paper concluding that climate-induced collapse is now inevitable.” It’s become the intellectual underpinning for people like Extinction Rebellion when they tell children they may die young. It’s Jem Bendell’s paper on Deep Adaptation. Does it bear up to scrutiny? Let’s have a look.

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Jem Bendell on his own paper (from where you can download the full thing)

Vice article

Collapse, Environment and Society, Karl W. Butzer, 2012

Critical Perspectives on Historical Collapse, Karl W. Butzer, Georgina H. Enfield, 2012

Scientist responses to Australian NGO claiming imminent collapse

World Food Situation