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Fiery but mostly peaceful

Fiery but mostly peaceful

In this round-up of the week, another shooting in America unleashes another round of riots, but are the protesters President Trump’s best hope of re-election? The UK gets hot under the collar over the BBC’s plan to cancel the song Land of Hope and Glory. And the UK’s disastrous wheat harvest has eco-doomers predicting the beginning of the end.

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The panic pandemic

The Panic Pandemic

In this round-up of the week, panic provokes lockdowns and quarantines in Europe even though almost nobody’s dying. Panic leads to a U-turn in the UK’s position on fantasy exam results so now there are prizes for everyone. And panic underpins the start of the US presidential elections.

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Gen Covid Chaos

The BLIGHTED lockdown generation

In this round-up of the week, chaos over fantasy exam results highlights the damage done to young people by coronavirus lockdown. Joe Biden names Kamala Harris his running mate, signalling the real start of the presidential election. And Ben & Jerry’s diversifies from making ice cream into schooling the UK government on handling illegal immigration.

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Leaders we deserve?

The Leaders We Deserve?

In this round-up of the week, anger is rising in the shell-shocked city of Beirut, leaked video evidence throws a new light on the murder of George Floyd and President Trump and Joe Biden are in a tightly fought contest to see which can do the most self-harm to their own campaigns.

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The second spike of stupid

The second spike of stupidity

In this round-up of the week, European governments are terrified of what seems to be an emerging second wave of covid-19. Americans fight partisan wars over masks and hydroxychloroquine, and the tech companies take another step in the censorship of bad thoughts.

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9 years to save the world

Joe Biden says ‘Nine years to save the world!’

In this round-up of the week, Joe Biden announces there’s just 9 years left to save the planet and tells us how he ‘s going do it. The New York Times and the BBC are accused of institutional woke bias. And, in a YouGov poll, the British people say they don’t support laws to make it easier for trans gender people to transition

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Chinese or woke?

Chinese or Woke? How do you prefer your censorship?

In this round-up of the week, we learned that Data and research are obliterated if they tell us things we don’t want to hear. The world wakes up to how vulnerable it’s made itself to communist China. And leading figures on the left get cancelled for signing a letter calling for the end of cancel culture.

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Why the surge?

The Surge in the South

In this round-up of the week, the surge in the south puts the coronavirus back on the US agenda. A backlash grows against Black Lives Matter the organisation, and Facebook refuses to censor political speech while censoring political speech.

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Anti-slavery is cancelled

Anti-slavery is CANCELLED

In this round-up of the week, anti-racism campaigners choose increasingly bizarre targets, battles are won against cancel-culture but mostly the war is being lost, and France’s citizens assembly on climate change comes up with its list of demands.

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