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Why we're losing trust

The Crisis of Confidence

In this round-up of the week, we begin to reap what we sowed over the last month as trust in institutions goes through the floor. And people begin to kick back against the narrative that everything is awful and everyone is racist.

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Everyone is cancelled

EVERYONE is Cancelled

In this round-up of the week, campaigners aim to cancel the police for brutality. Others want to cancel long-dead people for slavery. Mostly they end up cancelling each other for having wrong opinions.

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Divided and on fire

Why America is REALLY divided and on fire

In this round-up of the week, America sees a week of protests and riots and police brutality and political manoeuvring and almost no social distancing. The result of the terrible events that led to the death of George Floyd. What's the unfortunate truth why the protests are possibly going to result in the opposite to what they want? What are President Trump and Joe Biden doing to try to ensure events benefit their campaign for election? And what just happened that means we might get even worse violence further down the road?

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Too scared to come out?

FEAR of ending lockdown

In this round-up of the week, the second wave of infections is notable by its absence, the WHO comes under attack, furious debates break out over how quickly to get back to normal and we see disturbing signs of the silencing of voices critical of then virus lockdown.

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Herd immunity or what?

Herd Immunity the only Covid-19 strategy that works?

In this round-up of the week, the World Health Organisation, savages Sweden for believing in herd immunity. But is it actually the only strategy that works? The world begins to relax lockdown but sees early signs of a second spike of covid-19 cases. And Extinction Rebellion is full of rage that governments may not simply allow the air industry to die in a ditch like a dog.

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Was the lockdown model wrong?

Was the LOCKDOWN MODEL wrong?

In this round-up of the week, as "Professor Lockdown" Neil Ferguson falls from grace the computer model that kept people off the streets comes under fierce attack. The global covid-19 blame game goes up ten notches and new research challenges our theories of why insects may be in decline.

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Sweden - Covid-19 role model?

Sweden the post-lockdown role model?

In this round-up of the week, the world gets confused about whether Sweden’s relaxed no-lockdown approach to coronavirus is a good example, or a bad example. Track and trace apps for your phone pose the question how much you’re willing to trade your privacy for safety. And governments and climate change campaigners are determined not to let a good crisis go to waste.

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Science gets political

Science gets POLITICAL

In this round-up of the week, protests against coronavirus lockdown are happening across the world. Bill Gates has been named as the target for the most coronavirus conspiracy theories. And 56 scientists, including prominent climate scientists, send an open letter to endorse Joe Biden for President and condemn Donald Trump as anti-science.

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Can we come out now?

Can we come out now?

In this round-up of the week, across the world, countries are nervously taking the first steps to end coronavirus lockdown. Is it too soon? President Trump defunds the WHO and steps up attacks on China. And the first citizens panel on climate change comes back with surprisingly radical ideas.

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