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Lockdown or police state?

From lockdown to police state?

In this round-up of the week, coronavirus leads to some serious international punch ups as solidarity and co-operation gets thrown out the window of national interest, the UK police can’t help but show enthusiasm for the idea of a police state, and David Icke’s conspiracy theories challenge our notions of commitment to free speech.

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Coronavirus - the hard questions

Hard questions about the lockdown

In this round-up of the week, as large parts of the world continue in lockdown, critical voices are beginning to be heard on both sides. ‘Did we act soon enough’ on one side, ‘Have we gone too far’ on the other. We’ll discuss both

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How long before we crack?

HOW LONG before we crack?

In this round-up of the week, a big part of the world remains in lockdown, but already there are mixed messages about whether people’s resolve will hold. Environmentalists blunder straight into making disastrous comparisons between the response to the coronavirus pandemic and what they want to happen on climate change. And new research suggests the global ocean circulation is speeding up, contrary to previous reports that it was slowing down.

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What do we do NOW?

What do we do NOW?

In this round-up of the week, we ponder the massive world-wide experiment on resilience the world community is engaged with, and we look at more evidence of how the experience is reshaping the immediate future when it comes to climate change.

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Did Covid-19 kill COP26?

Will coronavirus kill action on climate change?

In this round-up of the week, the coronavirus is bad news for people – but is it also terrible news for the fight against climate change? The British budget adds new initiatives on climate change and Extinction Rebellion ponders getting people to literally commit suicide at the COP26 conference. In the 'things I do/don't like section, good news and bad news on free speech, and Prince Harry gets duped by fake Greta Thunberg.

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Climate wars?

EU plans climate tax war on Trump?

In this round-up of the week, the European Union launches its climate law, Criticised by some for going too far. Criticised by Greta for being too weak. Is it actually the EU’s opening gambit to put pressure on a second-term Trump government to play ball on climate? Extinction Rebellion suffers major discomfort as its founder Roger Hallam proves uncontrollable by them but not by the US government. Now that he's calling for the 'shutdown of the global economy' does this signify plans for a radical splinter group? And does the industrial shutdown caused by the coronavirus signal the short-term extinction of the human race?

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Judges block airport over climate change!

Heathrow Expansion BLOCKED over Climate Change

In this round-up of the week, environmental campaigners score a famous victory against a third runway at Heathrow because judges agreed it didn’t take the Paris agreement on climate change into account. And climate sceptics announce the arrival of the Anti-Greta - 19-year-old Naomi Seibt and the mainstream media lose their minds over her.

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A lawn unto themselves

XR A lawn unto themselves

In this round-up of the week, Extinction Rebellion protests against damage to the environment by damaging the environment. A study suggests that the contribution to methane levels from fossil fuels is higher than previously thought, and the US Republican’s climate plan gets pushback from some of its own people as the latest Democrat candidates debate makes a Trump second term more likely.

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Did we just hit peak CO2?

CO2 emissions at the turning point?

In this round-up of the week, according to the IEA, CO2 emissions flatlined in 2019 but is that really the start of a trend? A judge in the UK provides a landmark ruling in favour of free speech (but a related case goes the opposite way). And BP becomes the first major oil company to commit to net zero carbon. What's the less-well known story about what went wrong the last time they tried it?

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GOP warms to climate change?

Don’t tell Trump! GOP warms to Climate Change?

While big political events in the US capture attention, is the Republican party gradually warming up to the idea of taking action on global warming? The UK announces that it’s bringing forward the date for banning new petrol vehicles to 2035. And an Extinction Rebellion founder is videoed talking about abandoning nonviolence and embracing sabotage.

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