12 reasons why Gandhi succeeded and modern protestors fail

05 April 2019

Many modern protest movements claim inspiration from the great movements of the past - specifically those led by Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. But they consistently fail to learn the lessons of those historical successes.

Gandhi was successful in bringing forward the date for the British quitting India for a number of reasons - principally because he successfully executed an extremely smart strategy that fitted the change he was aiming to bring about. In very general terms, this video describes what I see to be the 12 features of his approach that helped make him successful, and the equivalents for which are often completely missing from modern protest movements ensuring that they largely fail.

If you decide to learn more about Gandhi's life and work, I recommend the following:

The Life of Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Fischer (Fischer gives a great overview of Gandhi's life - he's very much a fan, so don't expect an objective appraisal)

Gandhi, the Movie - Very much based on Louis Fischer's take on the man. Marvel on the brilliant performance of Ben Kingsley in this role (and reflect maybe on the fact that it would be almost impossible for him to take that role in the modern era)

Gandhi's Autobiography: The Story of my Experiments with the Truth. Classic text to understand the great man's thinking