Are companies being suckered into becoming party political?

05 March 2019

According to a new report, Americans expect companies to take stands on issues. But does that go all the way to wading into contentious party-political issues, and identifying with one side or other of a polarised country?

The 'Doing Business in an Activist World' by The Global Strategy Group would have you believe so. Whether it's climate change, race and gender issues, immigration, guns or a whole lot more, they think you will get benefits if you take a stand, and suffer damage if you don't.

This goes up to, and includes, whether your company should be taking action against President Donald Trump.

Are they right? Does being a socially responsible company now mean that you have to be openly political? Or are these the siren calls of left-wing activists who want the short-term advantage of your support, and don't much care if you suffer damage to your business and reputation by providing it?

We look at what the data of the report actually tells us, and evaluate its arguments.