Video: Why Jordan Peterson is wrong about climate change

10 December 2018

Professor Jordan B Peterson has become an internet phenomenon, with sharply observed criticisms of identity politics, and a wealth of solid advice for people - particularly young men - aiming to find their way in the world. However, in common with other commentators on the political right - and within the phenomenon of the 'Intellectual Dark Web', his commentaries on climate change are sceptical.

It wasn't so long ago there was a consensus on left and right that climate change was an issue that should be taken seriously - albeit that policy prescriptions might differ markedly. This video argues that we need to get back to that position, and influential independent voices like Professor Peterson's should be leading the charge, not blending in with the sceptical political right mood music.

Although this video respectfully takes Professor Jordan Peterson as its point of focus, it is really an argument that climate change should be much more positively championed by the political right, albeit in a different way to their opponents. This video, like the author, takes neither a left nor right position politically - but simply argues that climate change should be taken seriously by both.