Episode #40: Amy Clarke – Investing in impact

03 September 2019

Amy Clarke, Tribe Impact Capital

In this episode, I talk to Amy Clarke, co-founder and chief impact officer at Tribe Impact Capital, the award-winning wealth management firm and BCorp.

Before her current role, Amy has been senior vice president for international CSR at Bank of America, and head of CSR UK for Microsoft.

In this interview, we talk about how she got to where she is and what she learned along the way. We talk about the sustainability challenges for the finance system, and who makes up the growing body of successful people who want their money to have an impact in line with their values.

Amy is a thoughtful and highly experienced observer of the current trends and we had a great conversation.

Show notes

What did the world look like to the young Amy? (1:45)

At what point did Amy get set on getting into the business sector? (6:06)

Early experiences of environmental consultancy (7:52)

The first involvement with the financial sector being seconded to Barclays Bank (9:35)

How do you change an engrained culture as a change maker? (14:36)

What made Amy pivot from consultancy in the financial sector and end up going to Microsoft? (16:22)

Amy’s experience of Microsoft at a time when it was feeling the heat over its ‘monopolistic practices’ (18:36)

How are the current crop of tech giants handling their own challenges? (22:31)

The view of the financial crash from the Bank of America (25:26)

Tribe Impact Capital – what it does, and why people should invest for impact (33:10)

What sort of people tend to want this approach? (37:39)

Amy’s personal purpose (39:07)

One change Amy would like to make before hanging up her gloves (39:25)

One piece of advice Amy would give to her younger self (39:43)

Impressive change makers Amy has been inspired by (44:04)

One habit Amy would like to change (45:58)

Books that changed Amy’s thinking or her life (46:42)

Advice Amy would give to young would-be change makers looking to make the first step (48:59)



Amy on Twitter https://twitter.com/PlanetBubble

Tribe Impact Capital website http://tribeimpactcapital.com

Tribe Impact Capital on twitter https://twitter.com/TribeCapital



The Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis https://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Chronicles-Narnia/dp/0007100248/

Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela https://www.amazon.co.uk/Long-Walk-Freedom-Autobiography-Mandela/dp/0349106533/