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The Lockdown lie?

The Lockdown LIE?

England goes into full lockdown and within days the data that put it there is being ripped apart. The US presidential standoff gets uglier as President Trump alleges widespread fraud and Europe faces serious conflict over political Islam in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.

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Secret Covid report revealed

The Secret Covid Report REVEALED

As European countries are locking down again in the face of the pandemic, we discover the previously secret UK government advice directing its actions as we go into the predicted second wave. Plus, we review the week’s news and discuss the downsides of campaigns to feed hungry children.

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Things they tell us

Things they tell us (that just AIN'T SO)

In this round-up of the week, the final presidential debate takes place against the backdrop of highly partisan media reporting. The UK throws more areas into Covid lockdown and the data shows that the coronavirus doesn’t after all care about the colour of your skin.

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I'm Mallen

I run a YouTube channel with videos for changemakers, giving an independent, fact-focused, non-ideological take on current issues and politics, with a recent big focus on the coronavirus and on climate change.

I've spent my life helping change-makers - CEOs who want to make a difference, companies that want to disrupt markets, young people who want to succeed and change things up at the same time - and even just people who want to change themselves

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Latest Posts from Mallen's Blog

Bees going extinct?

Are bees going extinct?

According to reports, we’re facing the beepocalypse. Pollinators are dying out, and the result will be much of our food will disappear. If true, it’s seriously worrying. But is it true? Let’s have a look.

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Should we eat meat?

Should we eat meat?

One of the burning questions we’re asking ourselves right now concerns our diet. Should we eat meat? Let’s discuss.

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Societal collapse and climate change

Climate Change and Collapse! The Paper Scaring a Generation

It’s been described as “the climate change paper so depressing its sending people to therapy.” Its author describes it as “a research paper concluding that climate-induced collapse is now inevitable.” It’s become the intellectual underpinning for people like Extinction Rebellion when they tell children they may die young. It’s Jem Bendell’s paper on Deep Adaptation. Does it bear up to scrutiny? Let’s have a look.

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