Episode #15: Be a more effective change maker in 2019

18 December 2018

Mallen Baker podcast

This is a different kind of episode, as we finish off 2018 with a quick look back to some things that changed my thinking over the last year, and then we’re going to talk about how you can approach planning the impact you’re going to make in 2019.

So if you want to really get your life in order in the new year, and you want to make a difference to the world as a change maker, this is the episode for you.

Show notes

Why change makers need to stay curious and challenge their assumptions (01:40)

The research that demonstrated how we fool ourselves all the time (02:33)

Why we’re worse than chimpanzees at understanding the world (05:30)

The factors that make up our negative mindset (07:40)

Why good people are divided over politics and religion (11:27)

How progressives and conservatives differ in how they see morality (14:54)

How those lessons can help us to more effectively change society (17:26)

How to plan for 2019 – and why you need to prioritise (20:00)

Setting goals, but then creating systems to take you towards them (22:56)

Books referenced in this episode

The Believing Brain, Michael Shermer

Factfulness, Hans Rosling

The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt