Change is a learnable skillMallen speaking in Beirut


Mallen Baker is an experienced speaker on topics of change, socially responsible business and sustainability. He has spoken widely at conferences, workshops, corporate internal events, board meetings and more. He has an energetic style, aiming to challenge and engage audiences with as much interaction as possible.

Mallen Baker speaking at conference

Some common topics

  • Why and how businesses need to embrace the sustainability revolution
  • What makes an effective change maker - in business and in life
  • The power of corporate purpose for businesses
  • The power of individual purpose for you
  • The need for pragmatic change agents at a time of political polarisation
  • How and why businesses should engage with the sustainable development goals

Mallen often speaks to business audiences drawn from leadership, marketing, operations, HR, and corporate responsibility. He has spoken to policy makers, students, and other specialist audiences.

The starting point for any speaking engagement is to focus on who is the audience, what your objectives are for the event, and whether it is a good fit where Mallen can offer some real value. If you'd like to have a conversation about possibilities for your event, please get in touch.