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The push for new lockdown

New lockdown pressure grows

In this news roundup of the week, the UK government is fighting calls to bring back Covid restrictions as cases increase. Boris Johnson launched the long-awaited net zero strategy creating a heated debate about cost. And the EU’s constitutional bust-up with Poland threatens to bring the whole structure tumbling down.

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China has already won

China en route for global domination?

The former chief software officer of the US Defence Department declares that China has won the race for AI supremacy and is assured of future world domination. The world continues to grapple with the energy crisis confronting leaders with the choices they’d hoped to avoid. And Google announces a crackdown on YouTube content that denies the reality of climate change.

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Putin's cold war

Are we Putin's energy hostages?

The world energy crisis ramps up with Russia turning the screws on a Europe that is hopelessly dependent on it for gas. The Prime Minister gives a crisis what crisis speech to his party conference as the country faces multiple challenges. And President Biden continues to push vaccines even as Pfizer is embarrassed by the words of its own employees.

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Gender panic politics

Gender panic - The failure of leadership

In this video, the UK opposition political parties fail to hold the government to account while tearing themselves apart over transgender activism. The ruling US democrats are caught in even worse internal fighting that could torpedo Joe Biden’s big spending plans. And the global energy crunch has hit China in a big way.

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Everything's falling apart?

Is everything falling apart?

The UK faces a winter of discontent as everything seemingly falls apart at once. Some significant new promises are made in advance of the COP26 climate conference. And the US and China promise not to go into a new cold war while continuing to behave like they’re in a cold war.

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China's fury at Aukus

The slippery slope to war?

A new defence pact against the growing influence of China receives a furious response. America ponders whether a top general committed treason in an attempt to save it from Trump. And there are big political changes in the UK, but will they deliver the bit that really matters?

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Biden's war on the unvaxxed

Biden's war on the unvaxxed

President Biden announces it’s time to blame the unvaccinated and mandate them into compliance. China says ‘no’ to pressure on climate change. And the Taliban are rebuked by the EU for being insufficiently inclusive.

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Immoral booster vaccines

"Immoral" rich-world booster vaccines?

Europe and the US are all focused on booster shots for the vaccine, in the face of significant criticism. Joe Biden announces America will focus on its interests first and foremost, and it immediately descends into another bitterly fought battle over abortion.

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Afghanistan - from farce to tragedy

From farce to tragedy

The retreat from Afghanistan takes an extremely grim turn, with consequences being felt across the world. Excess deaths and supply chain chaos are evident as the consequences of Covid lockdowns continue to emerge. And Joe Biden’s 3 month inquiry into the origins of Covid is reportedly over.

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America's shame

America's Afghanistan shame

President Biden’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has been condemned across the world as catastrophic and incompetent, horrifying America’s allies and delighting its enemies. The UK has launched its hydrogen strategy, and the SNP in Scotland say they want to make their emergency Covid powers permanent.

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