Episode #11: Ravinol Chambers – Storytelling with purpose

20 November 2018

Ravinol Chambers

In this episode, I talk to Ravinol Chambers, the founder of Be Inspired Films - a multi award-winning video production company that helps individuals and organisations working as a force for good across business and society to bring their stories to life.

Only last year, Be Inspired Films added to its haul of industry awards as ‘Production Company of the Year’ at the Recommended Agency Awards.

Rav is a regular speaker on ‘harnessing the power of storytelling’ and ‘using video to raise funds for positive change’

In this interview we talk about how Rav got here, including his journey from would-be stockbroker to buddhist monk and back again, how he set up his socially-minded small business and some of the challenges he faced – and why criticisms of his current passion project led him to push even harder to make it an effective documentary in the cause of promoting the education of girls in India.

Rav has a great positive energy and is a real blend of creativity, entrepreneurship and social conscience. We have a great, and sometimes spirited, conversation I’m sure you’ll get a huge amount from.

Show notes

What did the world look like to the young Ravinol Chambers as he left school? (2:00)

How Rav went from conventional goals to a complete change in perspective (4:09)

The sequence of events that exposed him to a very different type of community (5:37)

What happened when Rav decided it was time to rejoin the conventional world (11:52)

The challenge of entering a new career from a standing start with an unusual CV (15:24)

How film making and video became the focus (17:57)

How did the social mission move centre stage? (20:10)

Some of the lessons from the early years of Be Inspired Films (24:08)

The power of pursuing only work that fits your values and sparks your interest (29:19)

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to learn from your critics (31:08)

Ravinol’s current passion project that has been a big focus over the last couple of years (32:49)

Where there’s a social issue, all citizens should be concerned and should have a voice – regardless of what boxes people might want to put them in (38:31)

Story-telling has become hugely important – but what makes a good story? (48:35)

Some of the main lessons Ravinol has learnt about business and life over the last decade (50:53)

Ravinol’s personal purpose (58:40)

If there was one change you could bring about in the world before you retire, what would it be? (59:01)

What advice would Ravinol give to his younger self? (59:19)

Who are some impressive change makers you’ve appreciated? (1:00:31)

What mistake have you made that led to some important lesson or personal growth? (1:02:48)

What habit would Ravinol most like to change? (1:03:59)

What book, or books, have made a big impact on Ravinol’s life? (1:05:02)

What advice would Ravinol give to young would-be change-makers about taking the first steps? (1:06:52)


Ravinol on twitter https://twitter.com/beinspiredfilms

Be Inspired Films website http://beinspiredfilms.co.uk

Bhagavad Gita https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bhagavad-gita-As-Bhaktivedanta-Swami-Prabhupāda-ebook/dp/B004GHNEL0/

Famous Five https://www.amazon.co.uk/Famous-Complete-Classic-Books-Collections/dp/1444931016/