Mallen Baker podcast for change makers

The Mallen Baker Podcast for Change Makers

Rob Cameron

#9: Rob Cameron – Tackling the big emerging issues

In this episode, I talk to Rob Cameron, the chief executive of the consultancy and think tank Sustainability. Rob has been the CEO of a sustainability-focused communications company, Flag – he has been CEO of Fairtrade International and now, in his current role, deals with some of the major global businesses that see themselves on the journey for a sustainable future.

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John May, Secretary General of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

#5: John May - Unleashing the power of young people

In this episode, I talk to John May, the secretary general of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. He describes himself as a campaigner, storyteller, teacher, youth worker, independent diplomat, writer, broadcaster, urban cyclist, avid parkrunner, habitual chocolate cake eater and mischief-maker.

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Chris Harrop of Marshalls plc

#4: Taking risks to tackle human rights with Chris Harrop of Marshalls

In this episode, I talk to Chris Harrop, the group marketing director and the head of sustainability for Marshalls plc. We talk about the dramatic pivotal moment when he knew he had to take a lead in tackling child labour in Indian sandstone – and the mistakes that he feels they made at the start in attempting to tackle that most difficult of issues.

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Solitaire Townsend of Futerra

#3: Solitaire Townsend - positivity and its power to change the world

Solitaire Townsend is an entrepreneur, sustainability expert and author of ‘The Happy Hero - How to change your life by changing the world’. She co-founded the change agency Futerra in 2001, one of the first sustainability agencies in the UK, through which she has advised governments, charities and major corporations like Danone and Nike.

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David Grayson

#2: David Grayson - why businesses need to go 'All In'

David is an immensely thoughtful commentator on the state of socially responsible business, amongst other things. We have a great deep dive into the current state of business leadership, and work our way through some of the key insights that came out of the most recent book.

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